How Would You Rate the Cyber Security Maturity of Your Company?

The European Security Maturity Insight Report is the first report of its kind to use real data from real cyber security assessments performed for real customers.

As Europe’s largest independent cybersecurity provider we built our assessment platform in 2016 to provide a structured and quantitative approach to the measurement of security maturity.

We have sliced and diced this data over the previous twelve months in order to provide insights into the strengths, weaknesses and challenges facing organisations and their cybersecurity teams today.

Image: Graphic from the report showing the breakdown of overall cyber security maturity by industry.

The content of this new report now gives cybersecurity leaders insight into the successes and challenges of similar organisations across western Europe.

3 Report Highlights

1. 62% of organisations have no capability to detect cybersecurity events

2. Only 18% of organisations use technology to discover vulnerabilities in their systems

3. Organisations see real value in next generation firewalls as a principle prevention investment.

From Our CISO

“Cybersecurity leaders face unprecedented challenges every day. Making appropriate interventions and prioritising investment in cyber risk reduction requires insight. Activity without insight leads to poor decisions. We now have real insight informing our decisions”

Richard Jones, CISO SecureLink.

Created from real customer assessment data, the insight presented in SecureLink’s report has been constructed from two datasets. The first focuses on people, process and technology – the three critical elements of any cybersecurity program. The second focuses on prevention, detection and response actions. It’s here cybersecurity strengths and challenges are identified. Organisations then prioritise appropriate interventions to improve their security maturity, ultimately reducing their cyber risk.

How Does Your Company Compare?

Download the European Security Maturity Insight Report Today.

Get insights into the strengths and challenges of Europe’s leading cyber security teams and understand how the priorities of your peers are shifting along with the changing threat landscape.

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