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Do you have a cyber security
incident that you require assistance on?

Call your local Emergency Response number below, available 24.7

  • Sweden +46 40 668 81 88
  • Germany +49 821808 30470
  • The Netherlands +31 1847 88111
  • United Kingdom +44 203 936 4556
  • Belgium +32 380 821 92
  • Denmark +46 40 668 81 88

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SecureRespond Incident Service

The key to mitigating the impact of any IT security incident is the reaction time between detection and response. Many companies lack the infrastructure needed to react in a quick and secure manner. SecureLink Emergency Response services allow any company to react to malicious cyber threats quickly and effectively.  Our service enables customers to complement existing resources. This together with our world-class competence to safely enable their business. Our Pan-European team of incident responders can begin working a case quickly and efficiently, identifying, containing and eradicating threats to get your business. In the meanwhile back up and running, including where needed on-site response to help manage the situation.

Key elements of our Emergency Response Service

  • Available 24×7.
  • Rapid isolation of threats to limit the impact of a security breach.
  • Reverse engineering experts that can determine the behaviour and impact of malware.
  • Gateway to our SecureRespond Retainer packages, offering dedicated SLA’s and wider resources / service offerings.

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