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Identity & Governance

One of the most important parts of a good security design for accessing SaaS applications or having remote access to your infrastructure is the authentication of users.

In the press, we often read about web applications that have been hacked. If you look deeper into this, then you will notice that in many cases the user credentials have been stolen or compromised.

So, on the one hand you obviously want strong authentication. On the other hand you don’t want to overlook the user experience: it doesn’t make sense to authenticate for every single SaaS application over and over again. The answer is an IAM solution, providing a universal directory available for all applications in the cloud. The result is a multi-factor authentication without the necessity to authenticate per used application.

A proper IAM solution goes beyond password access and user management to a full identity management system that provides end-to-end user security:

  • Employee access to applications: provide single sign-on to apps and support BYOD ,give IT an easy way to manage accounts and to secure access with automated provisioning of apps, device management and a flexible policy
  • Secure mobile workforce:  provision application accounts, enable SSO, and manage devices and native app in a single, integrated solution with enterprise mobility
  • Multi-factor authentication: enable flexible verification options, including SMS, security question, or soft token
  • HR-driven IT provisioning: faster, mistake-free on-boarding with automated provisioning and de-provisioning of users in cloud apps driven by the HR system (via Active Directory), Applications across multiple domains – newly acquired companies or subsidiaries come with their own domains to deliver SSO and security to all users
  • External access to portals – collaborate with partners more efficiently with ability to scale a business and offer a truly extended enterprise

The platform enables organizations to manage all user logins from a single place as well as mobile devices with access to company data.

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