Phishing test & Training

Phishing scams are costly. Often overlooked is the potential cost to organizations when employees are victimized by phishing scams.

There are many aspects to consider:

  • The financial consequences of phishing scams.
  • The financial impact of phishing on employee productivity.
  • The cost to contain malware.
  • The cost of malware not contained & the likelihood it will cause a material data breach.
  • The cost of business disruption due to phishing.
  • The cost to contain credential compromises.
  • Potential cost savings from employee training.

It is about knowledge

Education is about more than sharing facts and figures. We think it’s about using knowledge to drive action.

Our assessment tools and suite of interactive training modules have two equally important aims: to help your employees understand security threats and implement the best practices needed to reduce risk to your organization.

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